“I really enjoyed this class. Both coaches were very helpful in overcoming my fear?”

Teresa E

“I truly enjoyed the experience and I value the knowledge I gained from this weekend. I will use this for the rest of my time riding and I am incredibly grateful. Thank you!”

Ryan K

“Joe and Mike were very professional, courteous, patient and knowledgeable. I never felt downgraded or humiliated when they would correct me after I had made errors. They provided continuous support and words of confidence. I will definitely recommend this class and school to anyone that needs to take a motorcycle safety class. Great Job Guys!!”

Nancy G.

“I cannot stress enough the pure joy it was to be taught by Mike and Joe. It will be something I remember for many years to come. Not only in the curriculum, but also in the respect and kindness both men showed. Thank you”

David L

“The two instructors are an awesome pair, not to mention their relaxed and enjoyable personalities/attitudes.”

Steven H.

“The instructors were awesome, both are professional riders and were really helpful in teaching me to ride safely. Both seemed to really honestly want students to be safe and enjoy their riding experience.”

Steve S.

“Really enjoyed the class. I was a bit nervous sinceI hadn’t ridden before, but the instructors were patient, observant and helpful. Taking this course was on of the best decisions I have made. Thanks Joe and Mike.”

Derek A.

“I really enjoyed my experience with George and Mike V. The were both VERY patient with me. I would highly recommend this school to any one that is interested in taking lessons.”

Penny B.

“I would highly recdommend this class for gegtinners and experienced alike. A lot of very helpful knowledge to keep you safe on the road. Well done instructors!!”


“I really enjoyed this class. The personal touch, humor and overall knowledge of Joe and Mike made this class fun. I also learned a lot of things I didn’t know. Thanks Joe and Mike, let’s ride!!”

Dusty L.

“Thank you for your constructive criticism and constant encouragement. Your attitude and patience made learning easy and retention outstanding.”

Trish W.

“Really enjoyed the class, and felt like I learned a great deal of information. I was very intimidated about riding alone. But after the class, I am excited to ride alone and practice to improve my skills. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your skills.”

Shallene B.

“Great course!! It gave me the opportunity to really focus on some basic skill that were only mildly developed in my previous riding experience.”

Tyler B.

“I went from having never ridden a motorcycle to never wanting to stop with just a few hours of class time and a few hours of hands-on training. This class was excellent and the instructors are some of the best I have ever had (including college).

Thank you Mike W. and Joe.”