Bike Bonding Class

Are You Ready for Your Next Big Move?

Build on your new skills and get ready for the road.

Everyone knows it takes quite a while to get to know your bike. Whether you recently received your Motorcycle endorsement, or you acquired a “new to you” bike, it pays to practice your skills.

Riding with confidence and awareness makes you less vulnerable. The Best Bikers constantly hone their skills. The open road offers a freedom like none other. Along with that freedom, though, comes a plethora of people paying very little attention to their surroundings and paying even less attention to you.

The road constantly changes too. From sand piles built on the exact corner you’re turning on, to dirt clods and tar clumped all over the only lane open, to the pavement that just morphed into a slipper slide in a Kansas downpour; the road warrants preparation for anything.

You need your brain engaging immediately, picking the best response, no matter what the byways bring your way. That happens only when you have practiced and more importantly practiced recently. When you’re on your bike, any decision can be life or death. Practicing often and in the near past helps ensures that you are ready with the best response in any given situation. In fact studies show the more recent your last practice, the better the odds are that you’ll respond appropriately.

Sharpening skills Trumps

Skimping on skills Any Day.

Statistically 75% of accidents occur between a bike and a vehicle. Two -thirds of the time, the other vehicle violated the motorcycles right of way.


In fully two-thirds of the 25% of accidents involving the bike only, biker error precipitated the accident.

Do you know what that means? At least 25% of accidents can be avoided entirely and many of the remaining 75% can be mitigated by honing your skills and knowing what to do and when to do it.

Knowing your bike and how it handles and perpetually practicing your skills gives you an advantage in avoiding accidents.

Bike Bonding is designed specifically for students who have completed our Basic Rider Course or riders who have a “new to you” bike and want to acclimate to and practice their newly acquired skills on their own bike.

Here’s What You Can Expect in Bike Bonding Class

2 hours of guided skills practice in:

  • Stopping quickly
  • Navigating multiple curves
  • Controlling the friction zone in everyday riding
  • Completing correct turns from a stop
  • Proper Search Evaluate and Execute procedures
  • and more 

The Bike Bonding Class does not meet the “no test at the Driver’s License Office” requirement. Riders must have participated in a Basic Rider Class and show that completion card.


Love your Bike and it will Love you back

Come to Class Prepared

Riders must have the following

  • If you bring your own helmet, it must be DOT approved, we have loaners.
  • Eye protection, prescription glasses or shatterproof sunglasses are okay.
  • A jacket or long sleeved shirt.
  • Long pants, denim or equivalent.
  • Full-fingered gloves, fingers or knuckles cannot be exposed.
  • Over the ankle foot wear. Ankle bones must be covered.

A valid Driver’s License with a Motorcycle endorsement is required before taking course.

Personally owned bikes brought to this class MUST be capable of passing an safety inspection. Tire condition and tread depth MUST be within the manufacturer’s recommendations. Car tires or other inappropriate tires are not allowed. Student MUST also show proof or registration and insurance.

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