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Sharpen Your Skills

Can you spare 6 hours for something that can save your life?

Have you ever experienced a near miss? I don’t mean the kind where you have a minute to get your wits together and react. I mean the kind of hair raising, leave knee indents in the tank, turn your knuckles white, almost have to go home and change clothes near miss. Whether it’s the chick on the cell phone yapping incessantly oblivious to her surroundings,the dude who thinks his big, bad, black truck owns the road, or the clueless kid who just got his license and is thinking about impressing his girlfriend with his new driving ability, you may as well assume everybody in a cage is paying zero attention, especially to you and your bike.

It’s not the same world as even a few years ago when the biggest distraction to motorists were kids and radios. In today’s world its cell phones ringing, texts demanding immediate responses, and people muddling through the million things on their mind. that pulls attention away from the task at hand. It’s a world that demands that you pay a thousand percent attention and that you prepare for anything that can happen. The best preparation is practice.

In a crisis situation, you need your brain engaging immediately, picking the best response. That happens only when you have practiced and more importantly practiced recently. When you’re on your bike, any decision can be life or death. Practicing often and in the near past helps ensures that you are ready with the best response in any given situation. In fact studies show the more recent your last practice, the better the odds are that you’ll respond appropriately.

That being said, perfect practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to watch yourself ride making it virtually impossible to make sure your practice is perfect. That’s where we can help.

No Longer Gamble with

‘I Think I’m Prepared’

We Want To Help You!

In all our years of riding and coaching , we’ve had our own share of near misses. Our former students have returned to tell us about their experiences as well. The question isn’t “IF” you’ll experience a close encounter, the question is “WHEN”.

The greatest danger bikers face is complacency. You’ve heard it:

”I’m not worried, I’ve been riding forever.”
”I’ve already had my “one”
“If it’s my time to go…”
“I know how to handle my bike.”

A bikers family’s biggest nightmare starts with complacency. It’s pure and simple pride that keeps a biker locked in an “I already know it all” mindset. But that’s not you. You’re sharp and you know skills can always improve.

Smart bikers from veterans to newbies, constantly hone their skills; savvy that keeps their tires on the pavement and their head securely attached to their neck.

Boot Camp for your Bike (MSF’s Experienced Rider Course) is designed to sharpen skills of even the most seasoned bikers making them the best riders on the road.

Our Coaches carry 160 years of combined riding experience. They’ve coached hundreds of bikers from the very inexperienced to the most proficient veteran rider. Each coach has a burning desire to help hone the skills that bikers need to command the road and remain unscathed and well…………..alive!

This Is What You Can Expect From Boot Camp:

6 hours of intense skill building in:

  • cornering finesse

  • executing avoidance maneuvers

  • rectify riding imperfections

  • managing risks

  • improving braking skills

  • and more

This Motorcycle Safety Foundation Experienced Rider class does not meet the “no test at the Driver’s License Office” requirement, however, after successful completion of the course, participants may qualify for premium discounts with some motorcycle insurers.

The Class is PERFECT for the Biker who wants to Ride even BETTER.

Come to Class Prepared

Riders must have the following

  • If you bring your own helmet, it must be DOT approved, we have loaners.
  • IEye protection, prescription glasses or shatterproof sunglasses are okay.
  • IA jacket or long sleeved shirt.
  • ILong pants, denim or equivalent.
  • IFull-fingered gloves, fingers or knuckles cannot be exposed.
  • IOver the ankle foot wear. Ankle bones must be covered.
A valid Driver’s License with a Motorcycle endorsement is required before taking course.
Personally owned bikes brought to this class MUST be capable of passing an safety inspection. Tire condition and tread depth MUST be within the manufacturer’s recommendations. Car tires or other inappropriate tires are not allowed. Student MUST also show proof or registration and insurance.

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