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Motorcycle Education Classes in Wichita, Kansas


We know motorcycle safety is not only the responsibility of the rider and co-rider, it is the responsibility of all motorists on the roadway.We also know all those motorists drive distracted with their mind in a thousand other places not to mention with cell phones and kids , pets or friends in the car    We want you to be a safe and ready for whatever may come your way.

We teach like your life is riding on it.

At Motorcycle Rider Education, you will receive quality instruction from veteran riders Joe Gattenby, Mike Vermillion, George Smith, Mike Wharton,  and Mike Vore,  They have been riding, combined, for over 160 years, and have instructed the adult learner for a combined total of 55 years.

We provide the Newest Motorcycle Safety Foundation Curriculum. That means you will receive the best, most current training preparing you to be the best rider possible.

You deserve the freedom of the open road and you deserve the skills that will keep you safe.

We look forward to serving you.    

 Remember, a bad riding day is still better than a good driving day.

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