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Please take your time, read and understand the following terms of contract with M.R.E.
I understand that this course may be physically and mentally challenging and that I must
attend all portions of this course and satisfactorily pass any written or skills tests to be
eligible for a certificate of completion. I understand that I will be constantly evaluated by
my instructor/rider coach and that I may be released from the class for various reasons to
include but not limited to tardiness, absence, refusal to participate, inappropriate behavior
or any act the instructor/rider coach believes is a safety risk to other persons or property. I
further understand that the instructor/rider coach(s) are to assist my learning but cannot
guarantee it or put it to use for me.
I also understand that I have paid for one of the limited slots in the course and will not
receive any refund if I cancel within fourteen (14) days preceding the start date of the
course, do not show for the course or do not complete the course for any reason.
In the event that M.R.E. must cancel a course or any portions (due to emergency or safety
reasons such as storm warnings) the class will be re-scheduled and no refund will be
I have been scheduled for the 
Scheduled Date(s) 
Scheduled Time(s) 7:30a - 3:30p


Class# 2347 Contract #:         Amount Paid: 349 Receipt #:
Start Date:                 Completed Date:
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I have read, understand and agree to the terms of the student contract.

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